Probate Administration

When a person dies owning assets solely in his or her own name, those assets must pass through probate to go to those named in the will (if the person made a will testate or to his or her heirs at law as determined by the state where the decedent lived if he or she died without a will intestate).

In Maryland, probate is a relatively simple and streamlined process that normally takes place in a six to nine month period.

My service to you will include:

  • Prepare and file the petition to begin the probate process
  • Obtain the required bond for the Personal Representative (Executor)
  • Assist in obtaining the required appraisals on real and personal property
  • Help obtain the value of assets such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds
  • Prepare and file the inventory of assets and prepare the report of non-probate assets, as well as calculate the inheritance tax due where appropriate
  • Prepare and file the final accounting with the Court
  • Assist with the final distribution of assets to the correct beneficiaries

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